Alpinismo Alta Montagna


The Mountain Guide is a professional recognized nationally and internationally as the only competent and able to ensure proper attendance of the mountain .
Role of the Alpine Guide is to accompany and promote the mountain in all its aspects .
The profound and conscious relationship with the environment is the primary value transmitted by the Alpine Guides who want to get closer to the mountains in the most correct and serene.
Mountain Guides operates in all activities related to mountaineering , so it is present in every season on the mountain territory . The experience and familiarity with the alpine environment that entails representing the great value that the Mountain Guide is able to convey , beyond technical aspects , equally important .
The presence of the Guides in the mountains is also a constant monitoring of limiting environmental damage and promotes the highest possible degree of safety in the relationship with the environment.
The Alpine Guide transmits technical knowledge, standards of behavior , orientation and awareness to the deep reading of the environment, the primary requirement of use of the mountain in terms of safety .
In the educational background of the Alpine Guide , there are technical, scientific and educational activities .



Mountain Season or "season mountain." In every season of the year you can have fun with us experiencing the montagna.dimenticavo to tell you who I am ... my name is Alessio Cerrina born in 1973 are aspiring Guide I lived for years in my village in Alta Langa Murazzano here you live in cheese, wine and truffles but here there is also the most beautiful view over the Alps Western gaze sweeps starting from the Ligurian-to Monte Rosa and when the days are still those unforgettable oltre.E here comes the passion for the mountains, I now live Limone Piemonte around the valleys of the Cunese and neighboring France, when conditions permit I run around Mont Blanc - Verdon - Dolomites